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Subject:  Re: the dreaded immediate annuity Date:  1/26/2004  1:04 PM
Author:  TTRoberts Number:  143 of 178

sheilaoliver, you asked:

<< I am looking to contact companies offering good deals on an immediate annuity. (I'm not buying, just thinking.) Can you give me insurance company names? >>

Doesn't it depend on what YOU mean by “good deals?” What's a “good deal” by me may not be a “good deal” by you . . .right???

<< Yes, i know they are badmouth by some. But I want to learn anyway.

So do some companies offer more bang for the same buck?

. . . again, just what does “more bang” mean???

More guarantees (e.g. more insuring riders)??? Lower costs for particular riders??? Lower risk for return ratios???

<< Have asked around at other boards--no luck. >>

Hmmmm??? Which boards were those?

<< I would so much appreciate any true direction in my inquest. >>

Keep in mind that annuities are, for the great majority, insurance contracts. And since it's a very competitive environment, things are changing on almost a daily basis. Not than any one annuity is changing but new ones are introduced today they may be better than what was available yesterday.

But best way to approach this is to define exactly what you want to do and/or accomplish and THEN see what might fit or not. You can't define what's “best” until you have know exactly how you might want to apply it. For example, I might think a Ford F100 pick up would give me the best “bang for the same buck” while you might feel a Honda Odyssey – mini-van is.

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