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Subject:  Re: How to get a 0% drop-out rate Date:  1/26/2004  8:46 PM
Author:  fooledme Number:  3849 of 9954

This is going to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Texas - as well as other states. They also rewrote their tests and lowered the thresholds. "Cooking the books" is not an adequate description of the disaster of NCLB.

I have no problems with the end results of what NCLB wants to do. There are many people and schools doing many great things for kids. My problem is with the way the government is going about it, or rather not going about it. They give very little true support: just directives. My school lost over $250,000 dollars last year, had to close 10 positions, and had to increase funding in areas we did not believe necessary. Last week we were informed that NCLB dictates that we let parents know that we will pay $8.00 per hour for babysitters so that the parents can attend the mandated workshops and meeting we have to hold monthly. Oh, and pay them transportation reimbursement if they need it. Now I have to transfer money from someplace else to meet this requirement or we could lose all funding for next year if we do not comply.

We also have to provide supplemental services in the way of an afterschool tutoring program. However, NCLB says that the only way the money can be spent is for teacher salary and text materials and nothing to support the program. It also hires private companies such as Princeton Review and Sylvan that use the school for tutoring the most at risk kids. They have required that we provide security and clerical staff, but we get no funding for it. Again, we have to transfer money from the regular school programs we established - in effect taking money from kids.

I'm sure all of you can add many more horrors of NCLB in your system. NCLB is a farce that needs major exposure.

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