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Subject:  Re: Rollover timing Date:  2/1/2004  8:10 PM
Author:  pauleckler Number:  38894 of 87977

"It seems that many think the market will do well (election year) this year, but that it is overvalued and due for correction."

The idea that you can take your money out of the market at the highs and then put it back in at market lows is known as market timing in Foolish lingo. The problem is that even pros have trouble actually knowing when tops and bottoms are occurring. Mere mortals like us don't have a chance. So Fools believe you are best off to keep buying stocks whether they are up or down. When they are down you will get more for your money (dollar cost averaging). When they are up, they will still go higher. On average an S&P 500 Index fund will go up by 11% per year.

If your funds are now in the market, transferring them to another account should have no effect. Simply move them to similar investments.

The people who say that stocks are over valued base that on price earnings ratios, which are higher than historical averages. But no one factors in the effect of all time record low interest rates on those averages. Besides the people saying that most often are the talking heads on TV and the newspaper columnists. These people have no particular insight. They merely fill their time slots with information that does not offend. They also have no trouble at all completely changing their recommendation at any time--usually based on last weeks newest numbers. Pick a consistent strategy and stick with it. Ignore the naysayers.

Best of luck to you.
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