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Subject:  X-Post: Asset Allocation & Fees Date:  2/3/2004  4:27 PM
Author:  friendlygirl Number:  1911 of 5087

(Cross posted to REHP)

Well, life has settled down and a bit and I thought it was about time that I looked at my asset allocation again. The numbers have actually gone up a little bit, despite the fact that I have not been able to add anything in the last year. (Going back to school will do that to you....)

Anyway, I was noticing that because my balances are still somewhat low, I am torn by the impulses to maintain an asset allocation and limit fees. That is, if I impose the 75 stocks/15 bonds/10 REITs asset allocation that I chosen onto my investments, then I incur additional fees than if I let them ride at about 62/23/14. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that my money is separated into a Rollover IRA and a Roth.

Now, the fees aren't huge, and the percentages aren't so far off. But I'm just curious how other people have chosen to deal with this issu