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Subject:  A suggestion for political threads Date:  2/5/2004  1:32 PM
Author:  TMFOtter Number:  28429 of 46877

Totally unsolicited, easily ignored.

As a (mostly) lurker here, I also viewed the political threads with some unease. Not because I'm disinterested in them but because on message boards such discussions almost NEVER lead to a better environment for a board.

But it's generally not the fault of those who have substantial time equity built up on the boards -- it's because those conversations track the attention of outsiders who could give a rip what about the carefully built environment that has been built up.

So while OT is a generally good way of labeling them so people can ignore, if I may make another suggestion so that political discussions don't get out of hand.

It's pretty simple. Never, ever give a recommendation on a political topic on this board. Just let OT thread