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Subject:  Re: Wish list Date:  2/7/2004  5:30 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  342 of 1845

<<You've mentioned washing dishes with cistern water before. It is the only thing you've mentioned on the boards in all the years I've "known" you that I thought "eww." At least you don't use gray water.


Heh, heh! I like my rain barrels. In reading about the use of cisterns, I've seen suggestions that the first runoff of rainwater that washes a roof after a dry spell be discarded as, well, wash water. I don't really have a way of doing that.

I suppose that creates a small risk of contaminated water, primarily from bird droppings on a roof. I suppose a reasonable person might "eww" to that.

I consider water harvesting to be a hobby in a small way, and quite a few people's hobbys contain elements of risk. So far from what I've read, such risks are small, and they are risks I accept.

<< Also, I prefer to clean things "contaminated" with raw meat in the dishwasher where they will get cooked!

My understanding is that "hot" water in dishwashers (max 180 degrees) isn't going to reliably kill food bacteria. When canning non acid foods, food must be steamed under pressure to 250 degrees or so for several minutes to kill off bacteria. The detergent and hot water probably do a pretty good job of washing bacteria away though.

I keep a separate plastic cutting board for poultry. Everything else gets cut up on a decent wood cutting board, which gets washed more or less everytime I wash dishes. I consider myself to be reasonably careful about cross contamination of food and about bacterial risks in preparing food. I haven't studied up in detail to identify weaknesses though.

As I understand it, bacterial contamination from beef and pork isn't that much of a risk, and using and cleaning a wood cutting board is reasonably safe for that purpose.

Seattle Pioneer
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