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Subject:  Re: Replacing Kitchen Countertops Date:  2/7/2004  7:42 PM
Author:  nutsandbolts Number:  45908 of 137290

I just gotta jump in here and defend Seattle Pioneer's remedy.

In today's throw away society, it is heartening to see a person who is not going into debt to keep up with the Jones's. I was a depression baby, and believe me we did not discard ANYTHING that still worked, and when it quit working we usually found another use for it if we couldn't repair it ourself.
Today they call it DIY and it has stature. Back then it was called survival.
We were happy kiddos. We found things to play with from discards. Of course, we didn't have ads to entice us as they do today. I had NO idea we were poor.

This board is a fine example of individuals that will probably be able to survive well under adverse conditions because they will have learned, as I did, how to do for themselves. It gives an individual self-pride to accomplish tasks never before tried. Work done on your own home makes you appreciate it more than hiring it done.

I frequent the other boards but it is this board that is most satisfying to me....probably because it reflects my past.
Forgive the rant!

Seattle Pioneer, keep up the good work for I feel there are some out there that will follow your advice, stay debt free, and will save for their retirement days...which comes faster than you realize.
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