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Subject:  A Comcast Insider's View Date:  2/12/2004  7:42 AM
Author:  ParrotheadFool Number:  28674 of 51188

The message below was sent to a Disney-related mailing list I operate. It was written by a long-time member of the list who is extremely knowledgeable about Disney's history. It just so happens that he also works for Comcast.

It's long, but I hope you'll at least glance over it. It's an interesting read.

"If the list will indulge me I will share my thoughts. Before I begin I should give a
little bit of personal disclaimer in that I happen to work for Comcast.
The comments which follow are MY own personal opinions and do not
represent or speak for Comcast.

I find myself in a very interesting position. As many of you know on
this list I am a Disney historian, and I care very much about the Walt
Disney Company, and Walt's legacy. Yet I also have a very clear view
and understanding of Comcast. Talk about being in the right place at
the right time.

A number of years ago I was attracted to go to work for Comcast because
there were several ex-Disney execs who happened to have gone to work
for them. The most high profile of which is Steve Burke, who went to
Comcast after starting the Disney stores, working at ABC, and bailing
out Euro Disneyland. Burke is currently head of the Cable division of
the Company. The rumors have always been that Burke and Eisner had some
sort of falling out, which drove Steve to go elsewhere to pursue his
career. I do not know for sure.

I happen to know Steve Burke as a casual acquaintance, been in quite a
few meetings with him, and I have also had the opportunity to watch
him actively manage a crisis within the company at the corporate
headquarters. Steve is incredibly intelligent and one of the best
managers that I have ever known. A lot of the growth that Comcast has
enjoyed has been due in very large part to Steve. I can't think of a
person who is more opposite Eisner than Steve. (Indeed Steve's office
is really small. He has a small desk and a couch and that's it - heck my
office is larger!!.) The guy is not on an ego trip, I can tell you
that!! One of the things which really impress me about Steve is that
he really gets what's important. He has the ability to focus on a
problem and not get distracted by other things. He has a great style of
leadership which I really admire. His thinking is very logical. He has
a great vision, and is an excellent public speaker. Additionally Steve
has a very deep understanding of how Disney works.(He was head at one
time or another of 3 of Disney's 4 operating divisions) From my own
personal experience I would feel very comfortable with Steve having a
senior leadership role in the combined Com