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Subject:  Re: I am such a Wannabee! Date:  2/16/2004  5:36 PM
Author:  dsemmler Number:  1938 of 5224

Really, I want my husband to retire early. The earlier the better. We're in our late 30s with 4 kids (7, 5, 3 and 10 mos). We're doing fine with our retirement savings - maxed out 401k for him and Roth IRA for me. I stay at home with the kids and he goes out to work every day at a job he does not like, but that pays well. The problem is that it is very hard for him to find another job as the high tech industry isn't hiring much at this point. He has recently decided that it may be time to stop looking for the "perfect" job and just find anything else that pays well.

Honey, is that you? Did we have two kids you never told me about? The way you describe that sounds quite similar to my current situation.

Over the past year or so I have really started to trim back our spending so we can get him out of this rat race as soon as we can.

Oh wait, nevermind. :-)

Seriously though, I do see a lot of similarities. My DW and I have two kids (ages 5 and 2) and she is a SAHM. I am also in the IT industry and have a very well paying job. While I don't necessarily dislike my job, I am starting to feel a bit of burn-out and am questioning how much longer I really want to do this. It sounds odd to say I feel burned out with this at the age of 28 but it is true. My problem is that I know there are few other opportunities that I could get into that would pay me this well.

I have a lovely excel spreadsheet that says we won't have enough to retire on until probably 2019. He will be 54 then and I suppose that's not bad, but I love the idea of 50 because it's such a nice round number. I also like the idea of his being able to say "I retired in my 40s", but that will take some serious good luck with our investments.

My calculations have me ready for FIRE at the age of 52 if everything goes according to plan. If it were up to me, we would spend very little and live on beans and rice so I could retire in my 40's. My DW adds a nice balance of making sure we enjoy life now and don't lead a miserable existence with the sole goal of retiring early. Easy for her to say when she is not working. :)

In all honesty, being a SAHP is a very demanding thing and I love the fact that we are able to have one of us home with the kids and still be able to have plans for FIRE.

I don't think anything I have said here is really leading to a point but I just wanted to chime in as I saw many similarities between your situation and ours.

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