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Subject:  Yes!!!! Date:  2/23/2004  6:26 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  59916 of 122646






Sorry about the shouting, but I'm very excited.

I saw the advertisement in Lawyer's Weekly almost a month ago and emailed them my resume. Then I emailed them again a few days later to let them know about a change in my work number (at the temp job).

They emailed me a few days later to set up a phone interview. I talked on the phone with someone for a half hour, and the woman said it would take a while to sort through the candidates, but she thought I was a very strong possibility.

The next day they emailed me to set up a two hour interview. The interview lasted three and a half hours, I talked with four different people, and one of them took me to lunch. I came home that afternoon, and learned that they had already started contacting my references.

I came home today, and found a message on my answering machine. They are sending me an offer package via overnight express.

The work involves environmental litigation. This is a consulting firm that does very high-level work trying to determine what a fair method of assessing damages would be. My job will involve document review and summarization. (Which are things I'm very good at).

One of the principals (it's a privately help company) has four geriatric cats. She was very sympathetic to the idea that I have to give Shadow an insulin shot every 12 hours. She doesn't like emergencies, and tries to plan ahead to avoid them. She likes to go home at the end of the day, and she thinks other people have the right to go home, too.

It's right on Harvard Square. Bookstores, bead shop, independent stationery store, Crate and Barrel, chocolate shop, bakery, all within a couple of hundred yards. It's a good thing they offer direct deposit, or I'll never get out of there with an intact paycheck!

After all this time, all the searching, going on interview after interview, wondering what I was doing wrong, and still stru