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Subject:  Re: Open question: What to put into a new house? Date:  2/25/2004  4:53 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  46685 of 137384

For instance, we're about to move into a new (old) house. I expect to set up a distribution system so that, from any TV location in the house, you can watch the output of any of three satellite receivers (Tivo units), a DVD player, and possibly a VCR (just because I have one, not because we ever use it). Plus monitor a couple of cameras (front door and pool area). All that takes are the signal sources (which you need anyway), proper cabling, modulators, and distribution amp/splitter. Yes, the modulators are slightly more expensive than the X-10 gadgets. But I think the signal is also better.

Mind telling me what modulators you use and the approximate price?

I have a TiVo and 2 VCR's in the basement with the big screen. I also have a satellite receiver which comes in there, plus we have cable which goes everywhere. I bring some sources upstairs as a video output on dedicated cables, and I use a "rabbit" to fly some of them to other TV's on the first floor. All TV's also have coax for regular "cable." But it's clearly a hodge-podge and I would like to improve it. (We use an RCA remote-control jumper to run the clicker functions back down to the media center. That seems to work reasonably well for us.)

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