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Subject:  Re: Open question: What to put into a new house? Date:  2/26/2004  3:43 PM
Author:  emtwo Number:  46757 of 137205

$.09 per foot adds up. When I wired my house, I used 4000' of cable, so that's $360.

4000 feet? Holy Schmokes...

I have 13 drops in my 3,900 square Foot home; Two drops to Home office, one each in 4 bedrooms, 2 spare baths, Master Bath, kitchen, living room, dining room, garage.

All are homeruns to my demarc in the basement; longest run is MasterBath to Demarc, at about 90 feet, and my total cable use was probably less than 1500 feet.

I really, really doubt that any application in a home environment is actually going to be able to use the full capability of Cat-6 cable. Use of that cable in a high bandwidth, commercial installation requires strict compliance to installation standards, including termination methods, minimum bend radiuses, clearance from other low voltage and AC wiring, etc, etc.

Maybe today, but how about tomorrow? And running out of capability of the Cat-6 is not the issue; it's running out of the capability of the Cat-5e.

Will this happen today, tomorrow, in 5 years?

I don't know, but when it does, I won't be replacing my cable...

BTW - One of my regular sources shows about $71 for Cat-6 and $47 for Cat-5e (per 1000')

Which means that the difference in your home would have been $96.00. Pretty cheap "Obsolesence Insurance" in my opinion.

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