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Subject:  Re: Open question: What to put into a new house? Date:  2/26/2004  8:19 PM
Author:  emtwo Number:  46790 of 131255

Ah, but I REALLY went overboard. That was 4000' of Cat-5, plus 2500' of RG-6, plus 750' of speaker wire, plus alarm pre-wire, etc. Almost 8000' total.

Each bedroom has TWO drops, on opposite sides of the room. Don't you hate it when the cable outlet isn't where you want if for the furniture layout? Standard drop is 2xCat-5 plus 2xRG-6. Family room (entertainment room) has three drops, one of which is actually a double (4xRG-6, 4xCat-5, speaker, etc). Most rooms also had a extended drop, which was 4xCat-5 + 2xRG-6 + speaker + microphone.

Woo Hoo...Now that is a wired house...

The Builder included phone and cable hookups to all rooms; I added phone drops to a couple other points, plus the aforementioned Cat-6

We decided on drop location prior to building, after mocking up the furniture placement on the computer; in the event we need to rearrange, and a drop happens to b