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Subject:  This theory is for you Date:  3/3/2004  4:25 PM
Author:  yttire Number:  229 of 242

Here is my theory, please refute it if you can.

If you examine any physical system, it has an entropy associated with it. The theory is there is another probability metric you can assign to the system, which I will call Y as short for Yttire.

The Y is not equal to the entropy. It has no relationship, except that it is also a probability metric.

If you examine a closed room of deterministically moving atoms all starting in a corner- they will drift around to fill the room. This is entropy at its finest. However its Y is 1.0- the atoms are moving deterministically and have a 1.0 probability of being where they are at any particular time.

Not all systems are deterministic- and our universe appears to not be a deterministic system. Therefore the Y of our system is not 1.0.. nor is it constantly moving towards higher probability or lower probability. Entropy must move towards more disorder. Y does not necessarily.

If you are curious to hear more, drop a note or question and I'll answer it.

(This was my PhD thesis many years ago, which got nuked because no one could understand it.. go figure)
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