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Subject:  Re: Poll: Which road? Date:  3/5/2004  6:18 PM
Author:  pepperpear Number:  7 of 76

Well, my mortgage is 6.25%
Auto loan is 7.25

And the student loan?

Mark0Young has answered better than I can.

The general wisdom is to balance one's need for a liquid e-fund, with earning a higher return on one's money elsewhere.

Paying more on a loan is like earning the loan's interest rate on one's money -- risk-free, to boot. Mark pointed out some subtleties about that general rule though, e.g. simple interest, pre-payment penalties, etc. Apart from that, if you decide on the extra debt payments, in general you would pay down your highest interest rate debt first.

Don't know a generally accepted figure for "market average" on investments right now. You should find that out. But of course it's all in the future, so the best anyone can do is say "this is my best guess of the ranges/upside potential/downside potential/probabilities over my expected timeframe." But if you're going to invest that's something you have to get comfortable with. (Hmmm, I just realized that's part of a big personal hurdle for me.) And of course it depends on what you invest in. Index funds? Gold ingots? Shares of MSO? I don't know the answers for any of those, I just know the questions.

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