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Subject:  Re: Open question: What to put into a new house? Date:  3/8/2004  6:20 PM
Author:  digitalamish Number:  47413 of 131280

Wow, almost 100 replies to my original post. Thanks everybody for suggestions. Here's the short list of things I am working off of now.

Already 'included' in the house:
- Energy star rated, so windows, insulation, everything is about as good as I can get it.
- Extra row of brick in the basement to make it 9 feet.
- 'Egress' window out of basement. Basically this is a bigger window. I've found out that if I ever intend to have someone live down there (too Silence of the Lambs), I need it. Plus with a wrap around porch, and a deck on the back, I'll need the extra light.

Some of my main add-ons:
- A gas fireplace in the middle of the main room on the first floor. Rather than along a wall, which would have been difficult with the porch, it's in the middle, and vented. Double sided too.
- Taller countertops. Thanks for the tip on that one!
- Wire conduits in the walls. I'm actually going to leave the installation of this conduit to the electrician now, but I will wire telecom later.
- Water manifold. Very good suggestion there.
- A rear entrance to my garage. The garage is offset to the front of the house, with about 10 feet extending past the edge of the house. I'm having a door put there so I can get to the ba