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Subject:  Re: Open question: What to put into a new house? Date:  3/8/2004  6:20 PM
Author:  digitalamish Number:  47413 of 137311

Wow, almost 100 replies to my original post. Thanks everybody for suggestions. Here's the short list of things I am working off of now.

Already 'included' in the house:
- Energy star rated, so windows, insulation, everything is about as good as I can get it.
- Extra row of brick in the basement to make it 9 feet.
- 'Egress' window out of basement. Basically this is a bigger window. I've found out that if I ever intend to have someone live down there (too Silence of the Lambs), I need it. Plus with a wrap around porch, and a deck on the back, I'll need the extra light.

Some of my main add-ons:
- A gas fireplace in the middle of the main room on the first floor. Rather than along a wall, which would have been difficult with the porch, it's in the middle, and vented. Double sided too.
- Taller countertops. Thanks for the tip on that one!
- Wire conduits in the walls. I'm actually going to leave the installation of this conduit to the electrician now, but I will wire telecom later.
- Water manifold. Very good suggestion there.
- A rear entrance to my garage. The garage is offset to the front of the house, with about 10 feet extending past the edge of the house. I'm having a door put there so I can get to the back yard directly.
- Also, I'm having the builder take any room dividers out on the first floor (that aren't needed). I know there was a but of a discussion about separating the kitchen from everything else, but I like an very open floorplan. And with the fireplace in the middle of the first floor (also hiding the load bearing support) it will hopefully make the room very large and inviting.

Please keep up the discussion, I still have months before it's finished. The first part of the foundation just got put down!

If people are really interested, I'd love to post updates so that people could give me feedback. Maybe even have people respond to polls to help me choose things!

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