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Subject:  Re: Open question: What to put into a new house? Date:  3/9/2004  5:19 PM
Author:  MurrayS Number:  47475 of 137199

Coldest temp this winter has been around 0 F. My windows are lousy ;-) Seriously, it's a 1940's era colonial with original windows. Hope to get the last of them refurbished this summer.

How are you measuring the humidity? I can't believe your RH is 60% and you don't get condensation on “lousy” windows. Again, the dew point at 60% is 53 deg F. Something just isn't adding up.

OTOH, my parent's house (1959) didn't have condensation on their double hung windows. Do you have storm windows? That will help raise the surface temperature on the inside surface.

Maybe that's part of the issue, though - I presumably have a lot more air infiltration than a newer home. That might be why my humidity levels are lower, and harder to raise - more outside air coming in

That's exactly right. People make humidity and it has to go somewhere. You just want to make sure you have control.

The 40% to 60% relative humidity is the CISSP recommended range for computer equipment

I bet that has to do with static electrical shocks. Did you ever notice you never get a shock from the door knob in the summer? It's because the humidity is higher.

Anyway, back to the original poster, I would recommend making the house as tight as possible and talk to the heating/cooling contractor about ventilation and humidity control for the area you live.

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