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Subject:  Re: Huh? Date:  3/22/2004  10:28 AM
Author:  Hunzi Number:  453 of 1701

Posters, yes, cheap art, no. ;-)

Art posters on the cheap. Better? ;-)

I very nearly replied to the original post but couldn't quite find the words. This is sort of the idea, but it's semi-unfocused, and not really a commentary on the posters as much as my thoughts on art in general.

I think having art in the home is important. If posters are the only way you can do it, or are your preference, cool. Somewhere along the way however, I decided that original art is worth the money.

Looking around my house, you'd probably never guess that. I don't really have any posters, (except for the one in the bathroom, because the humidity in there wouldn't be good for anything else, unless I can find or maybe even paint myself, a little thought that's been rattling around in my head), but I do have a couple of signed prints of some kind and a couple of paintings (one of which is probably only fit to be hung in a toolshed, and I'm so ready to say goodbye to it, but it is the first piece of art I ever bought).

I'll never be able own an original Picasso, but I'd rather live with a blank wall longer and save a little cash and buy the perfect painting from a local artist. (Or as displayed in my office, the perfect paintings were original artwork of my then 4yr old, framed and hung), and I have another self portrait of hers created at age 8, I plan to hang soon.

I actually