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Subject:  Re: Questions for a story Date:  3/22/2004  3:35 PM
Author:  lethean Number:  39949 of 88538

<<<I thought it would be interesting to research and expose some of the flaws of mutual funds.>>>

That's a great idea/BIG undertaking. Personal experiences gathered here can only add "flavor"/interest to punctuate the issue... not the meat, IMO.

<<<I'm in a journalism masters program and this is my chosen topic for a research methods class>>>

...flaws of mutual funds? Oh, my....

Check out Bogle comments over the years, and especially his book, "...???...", Bogle on Funds??? (I'm away from home....but, the book lays out his argument for low-cost indexing vs the proprietary funds. He makes his argument based on...get this...10 year ROLLING "averages"!!!) It's a GREAT read...based on the mathematics of the "issue". You HAVE to read it to get an understanding of the BIG issue. Again, he used 10 year ROLLING averages in his argument. Say what???

Long/'s almost impossible to "beat the average of S&P performance" over many years, because of the fees charged by funds.

I'm long past writing papers and academics, but kudos to YOU for your topic ... given your age ... light years ahead of me at a similar age.

Advice...get/educate yourself on the basics of the case/thesis, and then "supplement" with the personal stories. I can provide ONE personal story.

Bogle's writings are a fundamental underpinning/BLOCK/foundation of your topic. Layer ONE.

Spitzer/Buffett comments on funds ... layer TWO.

Personal stories ... for PUNCH/"entertainment".

Good luck......Lethean

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