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Subject:  Considering the state vector Date:  3/27/2004  9:53 PM
Author:  yttire Number:  233 of 242

Since it is late in the evening and I have nothing better to
do, I am going to give you some background on the idea of
considering the state vector of a system.

First, a very light version:

Lets imagine some friends hanging out and talking. They hang
out together every day, and like to talk about each other.
What are they going to talk about? They are going to talk about
the new things that have happened, about who had had what
happen to them.

Now imagine that one of them is brushing their teeth every
single day. They all talk about this every day, but after
a while, they realize there is really nothing new about it,
and they cease talking about it. They cease talking about it
because there is no new information, there is only repetition.

Now imagine another one of the friends gets up and puts a
ball on the putting green every day. They talk about him
putting, but after a while lose interest in the fact that he