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Subject:  What NOT to do if you're a contractor. Date:  4/9/2004  12:16 PM
Author:  HomeMoaner Number:  49092 of 132051

If you're a contractor, and you are coming to my house to bid on an 800 sq. ft. 2nd floor addition, I am going to assume that you are at least mildly interested in the job and looking for work. With that in mind:

* Show up on time. If we set an appointment for 8 a.m., show up or call. Thank you for calling at 9:30. Luckily our schedules permitted your coming to my house that evening instead. Give me some other excuse other than "my office assistant just quit." There is potential there for me to assume that she quit because she doesn't like working for you. If your employees don't want to work for you, why would I want you working for me?

* Do not complain about your current clients to a prospective client. That makes me think you will complain about me in the future. If you do complain about them, it is valuable information to me as to how you solved your problem with them. Do not wave it off as a personal issue.

* When I point out on the plans that the support for the second floor will involve verifying if we have a thickened slab under a supporting wall, do not say "I can guarantee that you don't." You don't know that. There very well may be a thickened slab to support the concrete block walls we have. You don't know they're blocks because you haven't asked, knocked on them, or measured.

* When I ask