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Subject:  Re: charitable contributions Date:  4/14/2004  12:32 PM
Author:  Hunzi Number:  71411 of 123001

There may be a limit to the amount that's credited to one year, with a carryover to the next, but claim everything that you donated on the return for the year in which you donated it. Details are in Publication 526.


Hey there! I'm hoping you have time for this. I'm totally confused by the NON CASH charitable contributions I made this year and how to properly fill out the forms for them.

I cleaned out about 20yrs of household goods and clothing from the basement this year. Hundreds of things like baby pjs, crib, washer & dryer etc. Individually, they're all relatively low value items, but en-mass they added up to $9626.06 according to H&RBlock's Deduction Pro based on most of the items being donated in "average" condition (meaning about the same quality as seen in a thrift shop or nicer). I gave the donations on 4 separate occasions, to 3 different qualified charities. I kept itemized lists of everything I donated, but I obviously still don't have the receipts for the baby t-shirts I bought in 1989.

Basically, I have all the usual info and documentation needed for an under $500 non-cash donation, but I don't