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Subject:  Taxable account asset allocation Date:  4/21/2004  2:19 AM
Author:  Nulch Number:  10 of 76

Howdy all!

What is your personal asset allocation strategy in your taxable accounts?

By that I mean your target for percentage (subject to periodic rebalancing) in each major asset class such as domestic stock funds, international stock funds, individual stocks, corporate/municipal bonds, real estate, cash ... or whatever categories you have or consider important.

I understand that factors such as time horizon may affect recommended allocations, but I'm curious about what your personal allocations are--and why you've chosen those allocations--if you're willing to share.

Did some searching in the Fool archives for "asset allocation" and couldn't find anything that wasn't talking about 401(k)/403(b) accounts. Would be delighted to be pointed in the right direction if I'm using the wrong words to describe the concept or have missed something. If the same wisdom that applies to tax-advantaged accounts should apply and that's why nothing turns up, that'd be helpful to know as well.

Thanks much for any insight!


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