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Subject:  After 27 years, I can say it works Date:  4/21/2004  2:09 PM
Author:  FritzSeifart Number:  17581 of 31011

Dear Fellow Fools,

27 years ago, nearly to the day, I started on a low-carb, lowered fat diet. I needed to do something, because at 6' 1" my weight was 357 pounds, blood pressure 200/105. I can't remember the values of the other indicies of health; no matter, I knew if I didn't do something I would shortly be dead.

Presently, I weigh 198 pounds. My blood pressure is 110 / 65 to 75, and values of other indicies of health are in the normal range.

I do not work out, although there certainly isn't anything wrong with exercise. I just think that the additional time one adds to one's life by exercising is the same amount as the time spent engaged in exercise. I guess I exercise regularly, just wallk about a mile or so daily.

My diet is based upon these rules:

Grill, broil, and steam are the best methods of cooking.
Use olive oil, peanut oil, or some other unprocessed oil for cooking.
Eat lots of good green vegetables.
Eat lean meats, fish and poultry.
Eat fruits