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Subject:  Re: RON PAUL: The Federal Reserve Debt Engine Date:  4/27/2004  9:59 AM
Author:  Lokicious Number:  10032 of 36218

You know, it is very easy to spin fantasy scenarios, based on idealized premises and ignoring the constraints of reality, such as, in the case of laissez faire, the tendency of crooks, thugs, the privileged, and their enablers, not achievers, to monopolize wealth and power.

No, the 19th Centtury was not "good times." Try reading some Dickens. Understand why radical socialism developed as a response to laissez faireā€”it wasn't because Capitalism was leading the "the wealth of nations." Remember debtors' prisons and work houses. Who knows what would have happened to industrializing Europe without the escape of its most hard working, ambitious, non-privileged to the colonies (along with transporting troublemakers)? The U.S. went through a series of booms and busts, with serious privation, riots, depressions, and robber barons. Who knows what would have happened here, without the escape to the frontier. No such escapes, anymore.

Please, save us from true believers in fantasies.

Did anyone see that idiot information minister for Paul Bremmer, yesterrday, looking ever so ridiculous in his Western executive costume in Iraq, speaking as if to Sadr and his blackshirts about how it wasn't nice to hide weapons in mosques and schools.

Bremmer and the rest of the neo cons in their fantasy world shut down Sadr's newspaper without planning for what might happen if Sadr didn't take it lying down. You see, to people who live in a fantasy world, planning for contingencies that might happen bursts the fantasy bubble, because the moment you acknowledge that the premises of your fantasy are not God's Truth, you have to face up to making your fantasy work in the real world, and fantasies never translate well into reality.
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