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Subject:  Re: What is the best state to retire in? Date:  5/12/2004  2:21 PM
Author:  gapfan Number:  71788 of 127617


(We plan to live full-time in an RV and travel a lot, so the second question above won't apply while practically anything is possible on the first and third.)

You may already know about Escapees which is a private club for full time or part time RVers. We paid $40 a year dues. The started in Texas and have private parks in several places. If you buy a lot in their park (waiting lists involved), then that can become your official residence. Some people get lots in two areas, such as WA and AZ, spending part of the year at each, or one area and travel the rest of the time. You live in your motorhome on your lot but have a storage area etc. It handles "legal residence", mail forwarding and similar issues. There may be many such clubs now, I do not know.

Posting this mainly for you and others considering RVs. We have a micro-mini (that is "small" to those not familiar) which we used for weekends, winter trips to Florida from Ohio, and our trips West. Her name is "Patience" for rather obvious reasons, including the 4 cylinder 100 hp engine. (She has served us very well!) We would not suggest it for more than a single full-timer tho.

Gapfan :-)
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