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Subject:  Re: Start taking from savings or file for early Date:  6/17/2004  2:54 PM
Author:  dumbunni37 Number:  41251 of 78166

I am also 64, and I just filed for s.s. and have gotten my first check.and I love it!!!!

but that is my situation...things had changed at work so much, I hated going to work, just hated it, and decided, the stress of this is not worth the money I make....

my fall back resources are like ziltch...very little compared to yours and I will probably have to get some lil mickey mouse job to tide me over in days to come..couple days a week type of thing....maybe...and I draw so little, because I've only worked at mickey mouse jobs, that pay very little...

I am so busy now, that I keep asking did I ever have time to work before????

But if you are one that is just lost without a job...because you have worked all your life, etc etc...alot of people feel that way... they have worked all their lives...for 40-50 years, and then boom, they retire and all of a sudden, they have nothing to do, their whole lives have been centered aorund that, dr appts, car oil changes etc...and all of a sudden that regimented schedule disappears..beleive it or not, that is hard on you system...winding down slowly is much better, but we don't usually get a choic on such matters...its one thing to say "oh, I retire in 2 weeks" its another thing when all of a sudden it h appens...and your not really ready for it....

if you are lost, with nothing to do, did you ever consider