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Subject:  Re: I've had it up to here with Michael Moore Date:  6/18/2004  11:55 AM
Author:  Kazim Number:  34577 of 63710

The more cynical explanation is that a sizable minority of Europe is anti-American, and if you put up a poster of a burning American flag, it caters to that audience and excites them.

You're absolutely right, SaintCroix.

That IS cynical.

Any Europeans who are genuinely "anti-American" are probably not going to want to see this movie. It is, after all, an American movie, targeted at an American audience, about what's going on in America, made by an American. A FAT American, even.

On the other hand, a lot of Europeans are also anti-Bush, and I would bet that is a much larger demographic than the anti-American contingent -- who obviously won't care who's president anyway. If they hate America, they'll hate a Kerry America just as muc