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Subject:  Re: Opening sequences Date:  6/21/2004  10:58 AM
Author:  HuffyLilPoon Number:  24 of 78

My concerns were put to bed tonight. What a great "rapture" opening.

I was running late and missed the opener. Mind re-capping?

Other thoughts: David's now second only to Claire as the character I love to watch most.

Nate is still a monumentally self-absorbed @sshat. Thank God he quit Fisher & Diaz, because David was ready to kill him. I thought he was already as pompous as could be, but telling the husband how to grieve was really a pinnacle of arrogance.

Speaking of self-absorbed @sshats, Ruth's new hubby is not quite taking the kids' POV into account with his new "be stepdad of the year" initiative. I've noticed that he doesn't seem to be trying quite so hard with David, FWIW.

Arthur is a freak. I'm not entirely sure why he's there most of the time.

I really like Brenda with Joe, but I'm wondering if she's going to find a way to muck things up. She seemed a little compulsive about it when she finally did sleep with him.

Rico and the stripper-I continue to think this is a misstep for the director. Though it's shaping up to be a misstep for Rico-I'll be interested to see how it plays out when/if he finally lays down the law with her. Interesting dynamic that he's paying and hanging out, yet not sleeping with her.

Claire snapping pictures as David tried to mop up-priceless.

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