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Subject:  Re: Arafat interview with Haaretz - sound promis Date:  7/11/2004  7:44 PM
Author:  eolith Number:  3455 of 22876

So, shaggy, it still comes down to this: The PLO's basic intent is to destroy the state of Israel; it has always been so, and they've done nothing to change that.

Also, Shaggy, are you aware that Arafat routinely gives different and conflicting messages depending on what language he uses? When he speaks English, he's all for compromise and peace. Then he speaks to his supporters in Arabic and calls for Jihad.

Thank you. It so refreshing to read something truthful. It's really quite nice.

Shaggy is quite sympathetic to Yasser Arafat in case you hadn't noticed. In fact, I would consider it a safe bet that in Shaggy's view, Arafat compares quite favorably to Ariel Sharon or any other Israeli prime minister in Israel's history for that matter whether from Likud or Labor. Of coarse, he might very well come on this board to say otherwise.

Did you know that Shaggy and Yasser have something else in common besides a disdain for Zionists and the IDF and Israelis in Judea, Samaria and Gaza? Shaggy like Arafat also engages in selective rhetoric depending upon his audience. If you go over to the PA board for today's date, you will find Shaggy saying all sorts of odd things relating and identifying Israelis and Zionists as "Nazis" - Jews being tagged with the Nazi label. I asked him to stop it and he replied that I was the one who brought up the genocide of six million Jews afterall.

Shaggy obviously demonstrates tremendous sensitivity to the Jewish people, although I have never once heard him express it openly.


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