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Subject:  Re: Arafat interview with Haaretz - sound promis Date:  7/11/2004  8:15 PM
Author:  ShaggyDabbyDo Number:  3457 of 22770

Hi eolith,

'Did you know that Shaggy and Yasser have something else in common besides a disdain for Zionists and the IDF and Israelis in Judea, Samaria and Gaza? Shaggy like Arafat also engages in selective rhetoric depending upon his audience. If you go over to the PA board for today's date, you will find Shaggy saying all sorts of odd things relating and identifying Israelis and Zionists as "Nazis" - Jews being tagged with the Nazi label. I asked him to stop it and he replied that I was the one who brought up the genocide of six million Jews afterall.'

Since you brought up Nazis on PA in your thread, CF replied to you and reminded you of the marking of Palistinians with numbers, like happened with the Jews in Germany during WWII.

I had not heard of that before, and did some research and found, as well as CF's reply with a link, that this was in fact done in the

Here is the chronology and your thread

eolith mentions 'Nazi' in post:

'Since you live in Germany, perhaps you can help me understand something. Is ignorance or sheer hatred or a combination that leads Germans against the Jewish state of Israel in favor of Israel's enemies who are terrorists bent on destroying the Jewish homeland?

How is it that Germans, who themselves today have grandfathers and great grandfathers that committed the genocide of six million Jews in Europe, remain such ardent supporters of the ongoing Arab obsession and purpose to actually finish the mass murder of the Jewish people that the Nazis began? Is it because they the Germans have never gotten over their own murderous hatred of Jews? That they the German have never cast off the very sort of violent bloo