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Subject:  Re: Arafat interview with Haaretz - sound promis Date:  7/11/2004  11:27 PM
Author:  ShaggyDabbyDo Number:  3467 of 22875

Hi eolith,

Joseph Farah makes some interesting point, but he seems to lack the understanding of international law, as practiced by modern man in the last century.

He fails to understand that the Arabs in the area were a nomadic people, so he's saying in effect that any lands that are not perminently inhabited, are not belonging to a people. I would ask him to look at Africa for an example of nomadic tribes having rights to lands before states came about - their territory was recoginized by surrounding tribes well before international law, and the state existed

Palistinians were about long before Islam was, Jews lived with them, they fled to Egypt and the nomadic people (Arabs) stayed.

Who left, who stayed - bah! Its ancient history, we should keep to modernity and to international law and under internattional law, the Palistinians have lands assigned to them.

Negotiations are still underway, if not on the surface, and if under the conflict that is the Israeli/Palistinian conflict.

No side has accepted its borders, not ideology or religion has accepted lines in the ground, and each wishes more than the other is willing to offer.

You propogate extreme Zionism, the 'returning' of lands promissed by God - Well I say I'd like Him to come now and judge, and if he does not, then let international rather than religious or idealogical 'law', decide.

Your mantra is fanatic, you seem no better than the terrorists you wish to kill - you do not aid peace, you fuel war and conflict, you are trouble with a capital 'T', and you need you fellow Jews to put you in your place as I seem unable to.

Regs, Shaggy
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