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Subject:  Re: Arafat interview with Haaretz - sound promis Date:  7/12/2004  6:20 AM
Author:  ShaggyDabbyDo Number:  3470 of 22876

Hi Elan,

'Palistinians were about long before Islam was, Jews lived with them, they fled to Egypt and the nomadic people (Arabs) stayed.'

Ah, now we have Arafat's nonsense being quoted as fact. When the Jews left Egypt under the leadership of Moses and returned to Canaan there were no Palestinians living there. There were several nations - Amalek, Yevusi, Emori, etc. They were destroyed or immersed into the Israelite nation. The only exception were the Philistines who continued to occupy a portion of the land roughly in the area of the Gaza strip. They had no relation whatsoever to the modern day Palestinians. The Palestinians are descendants of Arab tribes that migrated to the land after the Roman conquest and the exile of the Jews, at the earliest. The Arabs may have actually appeared much later because one thousand years ago the area was inhabited by Nabatians, although I don't have an accurate knowledge of that part of history.'

From my research, I thought this was true, I was reexamine this to see if I am talking BS and let you know what I find.

I am very willing to to be corrected if offered other evidence, unlike some ;-) (not yourself in this particular case).

Are you saying that the land was barren of a people, no nomadic people ever called it theirs or had claim that it was theirs?

I'm not entirely convinced that all the Jews left and went to Egypt as I'm not entirerly of the veiw that biblical stories should be accepted as fact - which means, in effect, that I am not entirely convinced that BOTH sets of peoples (Jews and Palistinians) do not have claim to the lands, not one or the other BUT BOTH.

Regs, Shaggy
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