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Subject:  Re: Arafat interview with Haaretz - sound promis Date:  7/12/2004  7:51 PM
Author:  eolith Number:  3484 of 22876


I stand corrected once again. Jordan did in fact revoke citizenship to Arabs living in Judea and Samaria on July 31, 1988. I have been doing so much research and had come across the information that Jordan had at one point offered Jordanian citizenship to those Arabs living west of the Jordan River without realising that it had been in fact rescinded. Thank you for factually correcting my error. Turns out that I had it right the first time when I referenced the Elon peace plan to confer through negotiated settlement (not force) Jordanian citizenship on the "Palestinian" Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

As for the opinions that you expressed subsequently, I respectfully reject those. And I assert my right to hold beliefs and convictions and to express them freely and openly as much I choose. The "two state solution" between the river and the sea is the true absurdity. The reality of an Arab state west of the Jordan would invite catastrophe on the Jewish state of Israel. The limited autonomy that came from Oslo led to increased capability for terrorism and open warfare against Israel. Only when that power base was once again disassembled at a high cost I might add, the "Palestinian" terrorists targeted for killing and the construction of the wall begin, did the escalation in Arab violence against Israel abate.

Once a "Palestinian State" is established as a sovereign nation, then what would prevent the "Palestinians" from inviting Syrian, Iranian, Saudi, Jordanian, Egyptian, Pakistani military forces, tanks and soldiers, from being stationed on Israel's border inside the Jordan River along the most narrow stretches of Israeli land? Suppose the "Palestinians" vote to allow the placement of missile batteries? Suppose the "Palestinians" vote to permit nuclear weapons on the Israeli border? You might say it could already happen in Jordan, but the Jordanians have leadership somewhat different than the "Palestinians" and, in any event, being threatened from across the Jordan River is one thing while be being attacked inside your own territory is something else.

But up until now these have only been academic questions. Why? Because no matter how hard the Israeli "peace makers" strive to capitulate to the Arabs, the "Palestinian" leaders always end up in violent opposition to the existence of any Jewish state at all. How in the world can one give something to somebody that they won't ever accept? How do you impose "statehood" on a people that would be invariably rejected on any terms except those that represent the annihilation of Israel? This ridiculous notion of "Palestinian statehood" in Judea and Samaria that some persist in advocating is a pipe dream. All proposals and all negotiations for it have utterly failed so badly that the whole idea has been totally discredited. It will never work. Not matter how you frame or reframe it.

If handing the "Palestinians" a base of operations for their terrorist enterprise and a garrison infrastructure by which to launch lethal attacks against Israel would actually mean, ultimately, national suicide for the Jewish state, would you still favor it? I absolutely believe that Israel cannot afford to take that chance! Israel should never be endangered by reckless policies and unrealistic agreements simply to assuage the moral consciences of left wing thinkers who don't take into account the security risks to the survival of the Jewish state. The "two state solution" is no solution at all.

There's a better way. And hyperbole and invectives against pro-Israeli ideas and arguments won't advance the cause of understanding. And rhetorical attacks and verbal abuse won't help the search for a workable solution. I hope that any discussion could be kept on a level of civility and cordiality.


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