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Subject:  Re: Arafat interview with Haaretz - sound promis Date:  7/13/2004  7:19 PM
Author:  ShaggyDabbyDo Number:  3519 of 22753

Hi Elan,

'Jews may like to think they where exiles after the Romans conquered them, but that is just, imho, a selfish excuse'

There you go with your insults again, intentional or not. In many ways, and here again, you keep denying Jewish history, Jewish aspirations, identity, and rights.'

Cripes man, get off it for a minute - stick anything other then the word 'Jew' in front of what is being said and the context still fits - bottom line, those conquered are conquered; whether they are Jewish or not. A conquered people are conquered imho - they are not 'exiled' as you put it - we are talking about thousands of years ago and I agree that if it happened in this day and age, international law would hopefully be enforced and those conquered lands would not stay conquered and be delivered back into the hands of those who's land it was and they would return to those lands.

'It the Palestinians can trace their roots to the Romans who conquered the Jews, they have as much 'right' to the lands as another conquer of those lands before or after.'

Look at the difference here. The Palestinians can trace their roots. A statement of fact. Not may like to trace their roots - the phrase you used when refering to Jewish history.'