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Subject:  Re: Changes in Series EE to HH Savings Bonds Date:  7/28/2004  2:38 PM
Author:  SisypheanFool Number:  72682 of 123001

None of them are close to maturing unfortunately.
That's cause you're so young...right?!?

can I just attach a spread sheet with my bond data to the form?
Yes. I use the Savings Bond Wizard and just created a custom report that listed the bonds to be redeemed. In the field where you list the bonds, I referenced the attached inventory by number of pages, number of bonds and date on the report.
You can use any spreadsheet format as an inventory attachment, (not limited to the SBW report) so long as it provides the information on the Treasury form's list.

I also paid $0.55 to get Delivery Confirmation when I sent them for peace of mind. IMO, it's not worth the cost to use Certified/Registered/Priority/Express options since the Treasury will reissue bonds that get lost. The Delivery Confirmation should provide adequate proof to the Treasury that they were sent prior to the expiration of the conversion period should they get lost in the mail.

What am I missing to this seemingly "no brainer"?
If they're were all maturing at the same time soon, I could see looking at the tax benefit to extend the redemption period via HH conversion keeping in mind that over 50% of the redemption value is taxable).

I started assisting an elder in his financial mgmt and found that he had over 20 bonds that had matured. I sent him with a list to retrieve them out of his safe deposit box to redeem so we could reinvest.
What he did was pull over 20 of the largest denomination bonds