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Subject:  Re: need lasagna advice Date:  8/2/2004  4:18 PM
Author:  michaelangela Number:  14511 of 21260

RM - doesn't own a pasta machine, so don't you purists start crying about packaged noodles...

I hear ya, but one of the most awesome things you'll ever eat in your life is gen-you-wine "Pasta al Forno".

Step 1: Find an Italian grandmother. Grandmother must be at least 80 years old.

Step 2: Watch as grandmother gets up at 5:30 to start making noodles and sauce.

Step 3: Watch grandmother patiently kneed dough, then roll into impossibly thin strips. Note how she does this with (seemingly) no effort, a constant smile, and persistent conversation (in Italian).

Step 4: Watch grandmother build lasagna-type dish with 25+ layers of super-thin noodles in ~2-1/2" of height. Note that quantities of sauce & meat are less than one might expect.

Step 5: Put tray(s) in oven (you can do this part).

Step 6: Watch grandmother s