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Subject:  Re: E-mail from Mom Date:  8/8/2004  11:06 PM
Author:  sandyleelee Number:  115511 of 508530

No difference, sister. Clinton was and still is a creep because of the creepy things he did. You can twist my words all you want but it's the same thing. You see GW like I see Clinton, the only difference is that I'm over Clinton, you on the other hand are still all warped about GW.

Huge difference, brother.

Clinton didn't drop cluster bombs on Iraq, killing thousands of innocent Iraqis in an effort to get control of their oil fields.

Clinton didn't bankrupt this nation in order to give tax breaks to the people least in need of help in this nation, and most able to provide help to those in need.

Clinton didn't destroy our relationship with long-standing allies with bravado displays of arrogance and military might.

Clinton didn't preside over the net loss of more than a million jobs during his term in office.

Clinton didn't attempt to stifle research into life-saving technologies in order to placate his fanatic Christian base.

Clinton didn't plan a war and fail to plan its aftermath. Nor did he destroy a sovereign nation and then turn it over to a puppet government, the intended leaders of which couldn't be, in the end, given the power they had been promised and are now under indictment for murder and theft on a grand scale.

Clinton didn't hire corporations connected to his vice-president on the basis of no-bid contracts only have America discover later that they were cheating the American taxpayer out of billions of dollars.

Clinton didn't reduce veteran benefits at the same time he is creating masses of disabled veterans who now cannot afford the medical care they'll need for the rest of their lives because of the greed and callousness of a few very rich people.

Clinton committed a sexual indiscretion -- as statistics indicate a vast majority of American men do. It was a personal matter. No one died because of it. But you would equate a sexual indiscretion with the destruction of the American economy and the decimation of the American middle class, with the premeditated murder of thousands of innocent Iraqis with billions of dollars to be distributed to the well-connected as the motive, with lies about the reliability and morality of the scientific community and insistence on a fundamentalist Christian view of family planning resulting in millions of people dying of AIDS than is necessary, with promoting a health care system in which 40% of the population cannot get adequate care because it's too expensive, with writing a prescription drug bill for seniors which gives billions to the pharmaceutical companies and actually makes live-saving drugs MORE UNAFFORDABLE for many seniors, for raping the environment for corporate profit, and for eliciting in half of the American population a revulsion for the presidency never known before in this nation.

You think that your (now-cured) revulsion for Clinton's little sexcapade is equivalent to our revulsion towards this war criminal cum imbecile? This puppet of a ruthless ideological cadre bent on American world domination through the control of the world's oil supply -- a cadre which wrote as much in their original PNAC documents, only to remove the originals from their website once they began to be noticed after 9/11? This incompetent group of individuals who actually thought they could impose upon another culture with a wholly different religion ways which are anathema to them, and that roses would be thrown as a consequence, rather than rocket-launched grenades? This smarmy collection of reflexive liars who, when confronted with a fact -- the non-existence of WMD's in Iraq, for instance -- had the gall to say, "Oh, that's not why we went to Iraq. We went to Iraq to liberate the people?" This President who said he would track Osama bin Laden to the ends of the earth for his role in planning the murder of 3,000 Americans, but the second he could politically manage it, re-directed our efforts towards Iraqi oil fields? You think we hate Bush with less reason than you had for hating Clinton?

Then you have, I think, perhaps, a little hang-up on sex. Not to mention an insufficient understanding of the relative gravity of sexual indiscretions and the murder of thousands of innocent people for money and power.


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