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Subject:  ACGL : A case study on security analysis Date:  8/25/2004  2:28 AM
Author:  DCFNewbie Number:  32778 of 46904

Hi everyone,

Being new to the Foolish Community I'm very interested in understanding some of the differences beetween the several value aproaches to analysing a security.

In a recent thread I was introduced to different strategies on determining value and it has become clearer to me that the quantification of growth will always be what makes a determination of value subjective (who can argue with the historical data?).

I know that there are several posts on this board stating several methods of making that kind of analysis, however I think that in light of the recent "101A: Equity Analysis basics" initiative, I and other newbies could harvest more information out of a more recent discussion.

That said I will take the liberty of sugesting Archer Capital Group Ltd.(ACGL) for a quick (or not) valuation analysis. However, to make things a bit more interesting I will focus more on the structure of the analysis that on the content. Obviously what I'm looking for is some "elderly" guidance on this.

DISCLAIMER: I currently own only a very small (negligble) amount of stock on ACGL, but will probably take a bigger plunge if, in the following weeks, my additional analysis prove my initial instints to be right.

One of the first inputs that I would like to receive is regarding the overall structure of an analysis.

Currently I'm going for something like:

1) Valuation