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Subject:  The four essential points Date:  8/25/2004  9:22 PM
Author:  noanchorbabies Number:  3 of 5

If our children are to be able to enjoy the decent life that we and our progenitors have spent the last 300 years preparing for them, we need bold candidates who will prevent the country from collapsing under the weight of an immigration turned massive invasion, by running on the following four point platform:

1. Secure the border.

Erect an uncrossable barrier from Tijuana to the Rio Grande, with sufficient coast guard patrols to frustrate any end-run attempts.

2. Deport all illegals.

Systematically round up all eight or ten milion of them and return them to the countries they came from.

3. Eliminate automatic citizenship by birth

Every country in Europe has now done this when faced with an influx of alien hordes threatening to displace their existing populations. Let citizenship depend not on the accident of birthplace coordinates, but rather on the citizenship of the par