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Subject:  Re: No girls allowed Date:  8/31/2004  12:54 PM
Author:  jerrymurphy Number:  5 of 5

You would be against all asylum. Well that doesn't leave much room for debate then does it. I think we should have very open borders so you and I may not see eye to eye very easily. No worries though, that what makes discussion boards interesting.

I think you are right about some things, we cannot accomidate half of the middle east. That in itself is not a problem. I doubt half of the Middle East really wants to come here anyway. If we encouraged or even just allowed women to seek asylum when they are politically oppressed, then it is likely as you say that most of the women who take advantage of the opportunity to come here would be "better off, well educated and articulate". That is OK with me. Women who are educated, financially independant and able to speak clearly will make fine citizens (or permanent residents or whatever they decide to be). In this case it wi