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Subject:  Re: Me vs. My Parents $40K Debt (Long) Date:  9/6/2004  12:06 PM
Author:  IslandFoolin Number:  189344 of 310650

Wow... I must say I did not expect to wake up this morning and find this many replies, I am thouroughly delighted.

The main theme throughout everyones replies seem to be "don't touch the pension." It is hard for me to read that because, as you all could tell, that was the backbone of the plan. But, I realize that people who have done this know better than the people that haven't (myself) so i'm taking heed. My worry is that this was also the gleaming ray of hope for my parents as well, and I don't know how receptive they will be to hearing me say don't do it, yet.

The worry is that they will fall back into or never get out of their habit of using credit cards. Relapse is a possibility with any "addiction" however my parents have already made changes to their spending habits (while not all are good changes), in terms of CC's, well before I became involved in helping them. All of the CC debt from above has been sitting on those cards for a long, long time. They no longer carry any of the cards with them. Everything is paid for through their ATM/Debit card. Everything except the CC bills that is. My dad got into the habit of paying off one debt by incurring another, perhaps we could call that the melting of the snowball. My mom never uses a credit card, shes no worry.

Now that they have a shared goal (the house in Florida) I can see that both of them are alot more serious (for lack of a better word) in changing the way they spend. My mom wants that house badly, I mean really really badly. She's been the shining star of LBYM all her life thanks to the way HER parents raised her. In the past couple of months she has spoken out against my dads spending like she never has before (and he's been receptive) and I think she will continue to be more