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Subject:  Re: Me vs. My Parents $40K Debt (Long) Date:  9/6/2004  1:54 PM
Author:  IslandFoolin Number:  189358 of 312187

I KNOW you think (with all the wisdom of your 22 years on the planet) that you have found The Way to Solve Mom and Dad's Financial Woes, but the plain fact of the matter is that this is not something you can do FOR them.

I took offense to this and maybe I shouldn't have... Perhaps I am coming off a little headstrong to everyone, including my family. I will be the first to agree with you that I don't know jack, even with all the wisdom i've gained during my 22 years here, which is why I am HERE, on the Fool, asking for help. My parents did not come to me for help, nor did they go to anyone else, and thats exactly why they are in the situation that they are in and will continue to be unless unless somebody does something. I would love for them to get a financial planner, im going to suggest it, push for it, but pride has stood in the way of this before, we'll see if thats changed any.

Bottom line... if I didnt speak up and start doing something about it, no one would have. They've given me so much in my lifetime I think its time to give back. I am not trying to solve their problems for them, rather im trying to get them to solve them for themselves, they just needed a little kick in the ass. Since I have they ARE coming to me asking for help, so what am I to do? Tell them I can't help? Or do my best to answer their questions then point them in a direction to get answers from people who know better than I. If I came off differently, I aplogize, like i mentioned in the first post this is very emotionally charged. Moving on...

So the pension plan is put aside for now. I am not advocating it to them and I am showing them why, thanks to all of you. Hopefully they will grasp the idea of LBYM. More to come I'm sure.


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