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Subject:  Re: Me vs. My Parents $40K Debt (Long) Date:  9/8/2004  12:44 AM
Author:  IslandFoolin Number:  189425 of 312188

I have not yet read all of the replies but I wanted to chime in with a couple of items that really concern me with your proposed plan:...

I look forward to seeing what others have had to say thus far but I had to throw my concerns out there right away.

Thanks for your concern, and yes this is a lengthy post. I do believe that this IS the changing point for my parents. Just because the change hasn't happened yet (like if they would have changed a month ago) doesn't mean its not possible. Just as a catchup for you until you get the chance to read all the posts, the large majority of my parents CC debt is over a decade old. They haven't been charging for the past couple years, they just haven't been paying it off either. Which is worse? I'll leave that up to all of you to decide, but for now they have changed their ways and they have alot of people supporting them and holding them back (if need be) from falling victim to the CC's again.

Finally, i'm impressed with my Dad immensley. In the past 3 days I can't even count the number of things he's asked me or asked me to find out about their situation and money in general. And no I didn't just run and find him the answers, I sat him down at the computer and showed him where to look, then bookmarked them for safe keeping.

About the sister... i've had her on numerous scholarship sites filling out apps, fingers are crossed. Thanks for everything so far everyone.

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