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Subject:  Re: Hello Date:  9/22/2004  4:12 PM
Author:  HedonistiX Number:  41 of 52

Author: FogChicken | Date: 9/22/04 3:43 PM | Number: 39
I've been through the whole process myself. Even if you don't use a lawyer you're looking at almost $1000 simply in INS filing fees, cost of the medical examination and so on ....

As have I. I was a citizen, spouse was not, we got married in 2000 and she "automatically" was becoming a conditional permanent resident. YES, we did have to go through the filing processes (piles of papers, bank/credit card statements, rental agreements, etc.), YES we had to pay all sort of fees, YES, our processes started in 2000 (prior 09/11, so all bets could have been off as of today), YES, her conditional status was lifted this year,