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Subject:  My smart grandmother. Date:  10/1/2004  9:59 AM
Author:  Ceberon Number:  42535 of 88533

I called my Grandmother yesterday to check in on her. Asked her how she was doing of course, and she said as good as could be expected. I told her that she was still alive, so I thought she was doing pretty good, and she laughed (She's 94 years old now, alive is a positive thing. FYI, I'm 27)

So in the course of chatting with her, I said I wanted to talk to my dad (lawyer) to ask him questions about my Roth IRA. She asked what that was, and I said it was an account I had to save for retirement. Her response, as best I can remember it:

Grandma: "Oh, that's so smart of you. I'm glad you're thinking ahead like that. It's hard on a lot of people when they get to be my age if they didn't save enough"

Me: "Yeah, I thought I should start now so that I won't have to worry about it when I get older"

Grandma: "Well, that's good. I hate to say it, but you really shouldn't plan on getting all your money from that place.. where's that place I get my checks from? (pause) Oh, Social Security, that's right. You know, that was never made so that people don't have to save. It was supposed to force people to save extra incase they weren't saving enough themselves. Now people think that's enough and they don't save at all. It's a shame that people don't think ahead like you're doing. We can't have everyone just spending everything they get, they really need to think ahead."

Me: "If I get money from Social Security I'll treat it like extra money, I don't want to have to rely upon it incase it goes away"

Grandma: "Well, I don't think it will go completely away, there's a lot of people who don't save and rely on it. But it's good that you're taking responsibility for yourself, I'm proud of you".

Sometimes people should stop and listen to the older folks, they have a lot to say if you listen :)
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