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Subject:  Re: 8 years till ER Date:  10/11/2004  2:10 PM
Author:  hjg0989 Number:  2654 of 5232

Hi Familyceo,

Thank you for the quick reply. Good for you for being able to retire so young and contgrats to your husband for joining you next year !!!

To address your point, our only debt is the mortgage and that will be paid off in 4 years when we are 51. So, if I subtract the mortgage out of what we are spending now, we are living on approximately $50k per year.

I'd actually like to be living on about $70k per year for the first five years of retirement so that we have plenty of money to travel. I do think we will get something from SS and we will begin that at age 62. Then there will probably be an inheritance at some point down the road.

So where we are right now is that we are saving about 37% of our gross for retirement, not counting the matching of my 401k. I'm sure we could save more, but some things are not worth cutting back on. My partner's parents are getting up there in age and have very few years left where they can travel. I want her to take the nice vacations with them while they are able to go. We also have three dogs (two of which are Great Danes) which are expensive to care for (vet bill this morning was $100).

Once again, my biggest problem is finding the balance in life. I tend to get so obsessive about things and retirement savings is just perfect for that. Just when I think I have it all figured out I find a new way to look at something. And, God forbid I would miss out on a deal - like taking advantage of the 401k & Roth catch up contributions after age 50 .... Aggghhhh !

I guess I'll toss this around some more in my head. If anyone else has ideas for juggling the 5 years of laddered CD money vs. the after 50 catch up contributions I'd appreciate it.


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