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Subject:  Re: 8 years till ER Date:  10/11/2004  2:55 PM
Author:  brewer12345 Number:  2656 of 5232

Wow, what a marketing snowjob! I expect better from TMFers, although I guess I don't really know why any more.

Instead of shelling out for TMF "seminars" and advisor services, try going to Check out the safe withdrawal studies and maybe download one of the spreadsheets. You could also mosey over to and play with the firecalc withdrawal tool to see what you can reasonably take out of your portfolio.

One statement that the TMFer made is pretty egregiously wrong/misleading: "Your gross annual income will be in the neighborhood of $67,000. This money is mostly taxable, so you should plan to have a net annual income in the neighborhood of $36,000."

This is highly unlikey. A much more reasonable estimate could be gotten by filling out a dummy tax return with what you believe to be about the right numbers. I would be shocked if you even came close to a $31,000 tax bill.

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