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Subject:  Re: ideas on how to retire well on less Date:  10/25/2004  1:06 PM
Author:  cyberisme Number:  758 of 1845

Hey, folks, this is the Retire Well on Less board, not LBYM or Retire on Less board. Your suggestions seem to ignore the Well. Sure, if you enjoy cleaning house, washing cars, or gardening, then by all means it's a way to save money, but the idea of retiring is to free up your time to do the things you enjoy, not to substitute manual labor for your working career.

Thank you!

I wasn't sure how to respond to the posts. They felt rigid and strict and not at all part of an enjoyable life.

It's all about compromises. If you want to free up time and you hate doing yard work - fine, hire someone - but it's about compromise. You can't expect to have everything done for you and have money for retirement if you don't save money as well.

No one should ever have to justify their decisions to anyone outside of themselves or anyone not affected by said decisions.

If someone wants to have a housekeeper, fine, their choice. They can also have a housekeeper and be moving right along the road to retiring well on less.

The key is balance. Balancing your needs - wants - desires to meet your goals. Setting goals helps - so many people float along not prepared for retirement because they never thought of it in terms of a goal.

You can't do all things all the time. There will come different times in your life when you need to readjust your situation - when you are buying a house, perhaps you put more into savings for the house and less into retirement funds than you would at other times in your life. When you have children, your spending and contributions will vary. If you live far from your family and it is important to you to be with them every so often, you'll have travel expenses.

When someone decides that money - and the saving of it - is more important than everything else - that someone has just as much of a problem and issue as someone who doesn't do anything about their future, just sticking their head in the sand.

I realize the OP's were just providing ways for people to look at their own habits and perhaps make changes, but it also shows (not for them) that people tend to judge other people's choices, and that it's an all or nothing situation (to some people, not to the OP's, their posts just got me thinking and pondering).

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