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Subject:  Re: Green Bay sees Kerry in White House Date:  11/1/2004  11:19 PM
Author:  JimZipCode Number:  2467 of 2483

I think history will show which is the bigger moron.

I meant to say, "that lying moron".

yet another reversed curse.

In a year that the Sawx win the World Series, who knows what can happen?

* * *

So I guess we're both pretty opinionated. One thing we might be able to agree on: I hope this election doesn't prove as divisive as the last one. For one thing, it would be nice if the electoral college winner and the popular vote winner were the same guy. For another, it would be nice if the margin didn't come down to disputed votes and hanging chads and court decisions and so forth. I'd like an election with a clear result, and for us to move on workiing toward the good of the country.

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